Meet The Woman Who knows how to look exactly like a Barbie Doll with and Without Makeup Pics

Valeria Lukyanova has a very unusual claim to success.

The Ukrainian model has been doing her best to look similar to a Barbie doll for the past few years of her career.


With so many women, for compulsive reasons, undergoing invasive plastic surgery, it is easy to believe that Valeria suffers from the same affliction.

She still maintained, however, that her transformation did not require plastic surgery, only make-up. Few individuals trusted her.

But, as these makeup-free selfies illustrate, the reality is pretty clear.

Granted, to get that look, she uses a LOT of makeup, but I think it's a much better solution than having the body permanently modified or disfigured.

As for the crazy figure-like doll?

Well, the question should be answered by all the selfies taken at the gym.

So while a grown woman portraying a plastic doll may still not be the most well-adjusted behaviour ...

At least ... she did nothing permanently detrimental to her body.

I suppose it's going to be easier now to enjoy her amazing job without wondering if we're taking pleasure in an addiction or compulsion.

She is, in reality, such a natural beauty ...

Many wonder why she's not dropping the whole Barbie act and just being herself. Perhaps one day she will!

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