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Fear Factor was a show in which the limits of what we're going to accept on our television screens really were tested. There definitely had wild stunts that might scare everybody who looks good enough to show up, but the nasty stuff host Joe Rogan forced people to crawl their goals in round 2 was what we all really remember.

The game shows that the contestants must follow certain rules so that the whole thing can be successfully eliminated. Of course, those who were on Fear Factor were forced to enter into non-disclosure agreements, so that when they came home they wouldn't pour out bovine (or horse rectum, tomato worms or — like one episode too big to even air — "slinging juice"). They also had to sign exemptions from liability in order not to sue NBC. And puking, of course, meant disqualification instantly.

However, a show of this daring is bound to contain some unique and even scandalous provisions which no other television program would hold against the contestants. Let's look at some of the strangest rules contestants must follow to get fame about Fear Factor for 15 minutes.

It just isn't enough for US TV audiences to be forced to eat some wild animals' pickled private parts, so the competitors of Fear Factor had to do well with being mocked.

Do you need to be OK with dolls, murmurs, nudity, tear gasses, etc... REALLY?

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After all, Fear Factor Host Joe Rogan is a comedian, so it was only natural to get a few cracks as want to be models and actors slumped for the opportunity to earn the annual salary of a veteran teacher in a single afternoon. According to The Things, they also had to be all right with possibly naked and physical torture, such as electrical electricity and tear gases, involved some challenges.

The 2017 MTV reboot contestants for Fear Factor had something to take for granted on TV. We all assume you'll come to L.A If you want a TV show. The studio foots the bill for filming, but MTV tried so much as possible to rekindle the show. The contestants were forced to pay for themselves in the City of Angels. Good luck try your airfare if you don't win with your pocket filled with maggots.

Perhaps the strangest rule was by far the ban on public office operations for at least one year after an episode had been issued by a candidate. We see the obvious benefit to society of not having a presidential candidate of the Fear Factor, and we advocate extending the rule beyond a year, but we are simply stubborn as to why the show is concerned.


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